Paco Rabanne at Maxidrom Festival

On June 12, 2013 more than 50,000 people attended an open air rock festival in Tushino airfield.


It is one of the most famous Russian rock marathons. The festival was held on June 12, 2013 at the Tushino airfield. It was attended by about 50 thousand people.

Festival headliner was a cult American band “30 Seconds to Mars”.

A talented musician, an actor, and a sex symbol of its generation Jared Leto is at the head of the group. Such bands as HIM, Simple Plan, Therr Maitz, Blast, Kopengagen also participated in the marathon.

We organized Paco Rabanne Brand space with interactive content for rock festival guests.

All activities in the area were divided into thematic areas, with namings corresponding to the product advert tags. The whole festival area was branded, and special promotional staff dressed up as rock freaks distributed branded souvenirs and perfume samples.
Christina Lykova
Festival guest
First we made our way towards the black tent. Not sure if we were drawn there by music playing loudly, or by the people walking out from there. Their looks were pretty eccentric: they had their hair dyed in rainbow colors and their lips were black. It looked unusual. It turned out that the credit should be given to the stylists as they worked for free to create hairstyles, temporary tattoos and makeup. Transformation took an hour and a half. I have never had so much make-up on my face: several layers of make-up foundation, eye shadows, mascara, powder ... And lacquer. I guess a liter of it was needed to create my hairstyle. When I left the tent, the people who had travelled to this event by bus with me, did not immediately recognize me. But the magic transformation was appreciated, and I felt like Cinderella. With the only exception that my fairy-godmother was a stylist, and instead of a ball gown I was wearing torn shorts, a T-shirt and some outstanding make-up.
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