GT-Academy Final

On June 27-28, 2014 Nissan held the Russian finals of the international competition that brought together the real and virtual motorsport.

The competitions were held on Formula 1 track in Sochi before it was officially open.

GT-Academy Final gathered the best participants of the national competition who had been selected online and became the best among Internet players.


GT-academy is an international competition for Nissan.

The final took place at Silverstone (England) in the format of a TV show. The event received a lot of attention from the press, both Russian and foreign, bloggers and online communities.


During the Russian finals participants had to overtake various tasks on specially prepared sites.

There were racing simulators, physical fitness and stamina tests, media tests to check how participants can communicate and behave in front of the camera. It all ended up with a Nissan Juke test drive which registered time required to drive through the track as well as accuracy of the maneuvers.


The event went well; all the participants were very pleased. 5 finalists set off for Silverstone to participate in the international final. And our agency received positive feedback from the client.

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