On June 14, 2015 2,800 people, having received new titles, participated in the largest motivational event held by Oriflame.

The main purpose of this Banquet for directors is motivation. The main motivation for Oriflame is dreams.

It is dreams of a beautiful life, success and an infinite desire to fulfill their own potential that make future directors join the company. Every consultant who has just started his way in Oriflame dreams about getting an invitation to the annual banquet of Directors. Having attended the event once, every guest wants to get on stage with the title of an honorary director. That is why the way how this privilege should be valued in the eyes of the participants really depends on event organization, which is even more important for those who have not yet reached the rank of a Director.
The main event of the evening is the award ceremony; this year it was built on the basis of a single storyline familiar to all guests. The audience watched the stories of three young girls who once managed to change their lives and lives of those around them. Show program "Where dreams lead" was divided into three thematic blocks: "Travel", "Success", "Love", each of them was followed by a particular awarding block. Guests were able to see themselves in the images of the main characters and to go through the most vivid moments of their stories together.
Banquet for Oriflame Directors “Where dreams lead” really became the event of the year - a dream come true for all the guests and for the Oriflame team. Awarding ceremony was truly a grand, bright and unforgettable event. We managed to motivate Oriflame employees, raise their brand loyalty, once again proving to all the visitors that dreams lead to Oriflame, and Oriflame makes them come true.
The event was organized at a consistently high level of quality thanks to well-coordinated professional work of the project team from both from the Agency and the Client.

Banquet for Directors 2015 was marked by the customer as the best event ever in the history of events of the same category.

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